Father’s Day is all about giving the special men in our lives some extra love and attention (even though I know most of us do this on a daily basis J). Whether you have a Father, a husband, a brother, a cousin, or a dear friend, the men in our lives get some gratitude today! They are well loved and respected so let us show them what they mean to us. I’m extremely thankful to have strong, supportive men in my life! When I need advice, a good laugh, a “partner in crime,” someone to confide in, or just simple support, my husband, my Dad, and my good guy friends are always there for me. (photo on the left is my Dad and Mom; photo on the right is my husband, me, Mom, and Dad).

Here’s how I’m going to give thanks to them on Father’s Day for being fabulous, loyal figures in my life with Three Perfect Father’s Day Gifts From The Heart .

  1. Cook a Feast! I’m excited that my Dad is going to visit me on Father’s Day! So I’m preparing his favorite meal. He loves blackened catfish, mashed potatoes, roasted corn, and steamed asparagus. So I’m making a magnificent dinner in his honor. J Here’s a recipe for cheesy mashed potatoes that’s super low in fat and high in protein. The men will gobble it up! To honor my husband at Sunday brunch, I’m making his special dish: Sweet Potato & Turkey Meatball Hash. The dish is hearty, healthy, and lip smacking delicious. What do the men in your life like to eat? Make them their special dish and wow them! As they say, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!
  1. Plan an Adventure! Activities are always so much fun to do together because they are an excuse to hang out and create new memories. This Father’s Day we’re going miniature golfing in an old Victorian home near our house in San Francisco. They just built this cool restaurant/miniature golf place ( and we’re going to put-put our way through the day. The men in my life love to golf, so this activity is right in line with what they enjoy doing. Get creative and plan the event based on something the men like to do. Putting the extra thought into the escapade will also show the men how much you admire and care for them.
  2. Make a Mason Jar Full of Love! For those that will not be able to spend Father’s Day with their male loved ones, you can still send the affection in the mail. Grab a mason jar. Fill it with trail mix, nuts, dried fruit, chocolate, candy, pretzels, caramel popcorn, or chips. Pick whatever their favorite snack food is. You can decorate the jar OR just wrap a simple ribbon around the lid and put a label on it. Mail this mason jar to them and they’ve got a simple present from the heart.

I hope you enjoy this Father’s Day with the men in your life that uplift and inspire you. I know I will!

How are you going to celebrate Father’s Day? Leave a comment below and let me know.

Happy Father’s Day!

Sarah Koszyk, MA, RDN