Snacking is so important for both parents and kids. Snacking helps to control hunger levels. Snacking gives us the energy & fuel our bodies need. Snacking helps regulate our blood sugars & moods so we remain focused and alert and not irritable or shaky. The list goes on!  Here are some of our favorite kid-approved snacks! Depending on the child’s age, your kids can also make these snacks. Just show them how the first time.  I also eat these snacks, so move over kids and share some, too!






  • Fancy Fruit & Cheese Kabobs: place a slice of fruit & a chunk of cheese onto a tooth pick and you’ve made a kabob.







    • Celery sticks with Laughing Cow Cheese wedge: spread it on and you’ve got the creamy goodness. (when you get the celery, wash it, chop off the ends, and place it in a cup of water in the fridge so it stays fresh and crunchy).







  • Chill-house Stacker: Cracker, sliced cucumber, shredded chicken or deli meat, sliced Jarlsberg Lite Cheese: stack it up.







  • Hummus dip with baby carrots: you can make your own hummus or use store-bought.






  • PBB bites: Peanut butter with bananas: spread that love on and enjoy!








  • Almond butter with apple slices (if your child can cut the apple by himself that is fine. If not, the parents can pre-slice the apples and squeeze lemon juice on them so the apples do not brown. Put the sliced apples in a container in the fridge and they are ready-to-eat)







  • Perfect Parfait: Blueberries (or any fruit) and yogurt. Do a mini-layer of yogurt, another layer of fruit, and keep it going.

These snacks are great, filling, and fresh so that you know you are feeding you and your family wholesome food!

Bon Appétit with that mid-afternoon snack! Everyone needs a pick-me-up. What’s on your snack menu?

By Sarah Koszyk, MA, RDN