Holiday Traditions

The holiday season is here. For some, the holidays can be a time of anxiety and stress. For me however, the holidays are a time where I can appreciate and surround myself with the people I love. During Thanksgiving and Christmas, my significant other and I like to host get-togethers with our small group of mutual friends that don’t have family traditions of their own.

When they come over, it’s like having a family reunion. We get together, we catch up on life and play games as if we were sixteen again. During this time of year, I am reminded of how much influence my friends have had in me growing as a person.

Christmas also happens to be the anniversary of me and my significant other. For other special occasions, we usually go out to a fancy restaurant and do an activity. However, since it is a major holiday, businesses are generally closed. Therefore, we have come up with a tradition where we focus on a day of home cooked meals, watch old movies, and spend time with our corgi. Though it is not extravagant, it is simple and just having the time to focus on us, has strengthened our relationship.

Whether it is family or friends, having traditions builds identity and unity. It could be as simple as watching the same movie every year or as complex as hosting a feast. The most important aspect is to spend time with the people who mean the most to you.

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By Terry Chhour, Dietetic Intern

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