It’s the gift-shopping time of year and I’m loving these items in my kitchen. Stocking stuffers are HUGE in my family. In fact, opening up all those little items from the stockings always seemed to be the best part about Christmas! Here are some fabulous must-have kitchen gifts for the stocking stuffer and for under the tree when it comes to necessity items in the foodies kitchen.

Stocking Stuffers:


Garlic Peeler: This is a fabulous stocking stuffer! It’s my favorite kitchen utensil when it comes to peeling garlic instantly without getting your hands dirty. I use it every time I cook with garlic.



Swing-A-Way Jar Opener: I have a hard time opening jars. This tool is my savior for whenever my husband is not around to help me open the jar. It’s the perfect man-grip.

Mortar_PestleMortar & Pestle: I use my mortar and pestle almost daily to blend spices, garlic, herbs, you name it. I have a wooden one and a marble one. You can use either or. It’s great to use for grinding chunky sea salt yourself. Or by slightly bruising the herbs with the mortar pestle, you get a much more robust flavor than when you just chop the herbs.

Under-The-Tree Presents:

Salad_SpinnerSalad Spinner: Every time I wash lettuce or fresh herbs, I use my salad spinner to dry. It dries the leaves without crushing them. Afterwards, I’ll use the bowl to serve the salad in, too! It’s a double-purpose tool! I have 2 different sizes at my house. One is large and the other is small. I use them both depending on how much I have to wash and how many people I have to serve.


BlenderHand Blenders: I LOVE my hand blender. I use it to make smoothies directly in a pint glass. Check out my Pumpkin Smoothie recipe using my blender. I also use it to puree soups directly in the pot. I use the blenders to make salad dressings and more. The blenders are so easy to clean, too! It’s all about simple, convenient clean-up for me!

You can purchase all these items through my STORE. Happy shopping!

Have a WONDERFUL holiday season! Enjoy shopping for all your loved ones! Sending my best Family. Food. Fiesta. May Santa bring you all the items you need and love! Have you been a good boy or girl?
Sarah Koszyk, MA, RDN