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Optimizing One’s Health & Wellness Through Nutrition

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Specializing in optimizing one’s health by building a better relationship with food, Sarah works with private clients all over the world.

Enhance your sports performance.

Increase your energy. Improve your gut health.

Decrease inflammation. Feel amazing.

Sarah works with teens, adults, and entire families providing customized nutrition plans for sustainable, lifelong, behavior change.

Empowering clients to make change from within, create habits that stick, and reach their goals.


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As a leading dietitian in the Bay Area and Silicon Valley, Sarah works with multiple corporations from Fortune 500 companies to Tech Start-Ups to Law Firms to Financial Institutions and more.

She provides wellness presentations, seminars, food demos, and one-on-one nutritional coaching.

Improve your employee’s wellbeing by creating a culture of health.

Increase work productivity and optimize health outcomes.

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Sarah is a brand ambassador and national spokesperson for various media campaigns and corporations.

As a television host or guest expert for health and nutrition shows, Sarah delivers captivating key messaging.

She organizes media events, hosts food demos, represents brands at trade shows, develops recipes, and contributes to research panels.


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Author / Writer
As the published author of 25 Anti-Aging Smoothies for Revitalizing, Glowing Skin

365 Snacks For Every Day Of The Year

Co-author of Brain Foods: 10 Simple Foods That Will Increase Your Focus, Improve Your Memory, And Decrease Depression

And contributor to Whole Body Reboot: The Peruvian Superfoods Diet To Detoxify, Energize, And Supercharge Fat Loss.

Sarah also writes the Nutrition column for Swimmer Magazine, and is a writer for Clean Eating, NutritionJobs, ExerciseJobs, and other publications.

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Schedule Your Free 30-Minute Consultation Today

“At some point- you have to take responsibility for the foods you eat, the things you buy, and the effort you put into getting the body you want. I worked with Sarah K. and she helped me to assess my goals and gave me every tool I needed to reach them. Honestly eating healthy and making good choices for your body is common sense, but there are SO many choices in this world, especially for bad food. I was not overweight, but I work out like CRAZY and I figured it was time to match my effort towards fitness with my efforts towards nutrition, because honestly it is 80% of the puzzle. Sarah’s schedule worked great with mine, she never got frustrated when I sabotaged the tests by accident from dehydration (it is SO hard to drink as much water as you need) and she was always available when I needed a cheat sheet I forgot or to remind me to stay on track and think about the bigger picture. I have more knowledge now and more ways to guide others to a better way of eating for their own health and well-being. Thank You SO much. All of my referrals are now coming your way 🙂”

– Rachael F.