Your Top 10 Healthy Holiday Survival Guide Tips


The holidays are here again. So soon! Time to stay focused with your health & nutrition goals during this time of endless fiesta and parties so the New Year doesn’t roll around and you think, “what happened?” You can stay on top of it and stay successful. Here are Your Top 10 Healthy Holiday Survival Guide Tips to keep you motivated, empowered, and happy.

#1. Set a Plan. Always have a food and drink plan before going out. For example, how many drinks do you plan to drink tonight? Are you going to eat 1 plate of food or 1 dessert? Set a realistic goal and stick to it.

#2. Stay Fueled. Eat a snack before you go out full of carbs and protein to keep you energized and prevent over-eating or over-drinking at the event. When you go out hungry, you tend to make poor decisions. Snack ideas: hard-boiled egg with an apple or vegetables with hummus.

#3. Hydrate. Keep a glass of water in your hand at all times. Make sure to chase each drink with a glass of water.

#4. Healthy Options. Keep healthy snacks around so that you are less tempted to eat the random holiday sweets and treats. If you have a snack that is delicious and nutritious, you can stay fueled on fabulous choices.

#5. One-Plate Rule. Put the snacks, appetizers, or food at an event onto 1 plate so that you know how much you are eating. Standing around a chip bowl can result in mindless eating.

#6. One Portion-Controlled Splurge. We all love decadent splurges. Take 1 small portion of the splurge you want (this means 1-3 bites worth). Enjoy that food by eating it slowly. Fill up the rest of your plate with healthy options.

#7. Eat Your Veggies. Vegetables are low in calories and high in fiber. Load up your plate with vegetables so you feel full and get a ton of antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients.

#8. Distance Yourself. Willpower is a joke. Why even tempt yourself in the first place to have certain foods around? Keep those temptation foods out of sight and out of the house to prevent nibbles here and there.

#9. Sharing is Caring. Share your desserts or sweets with others. If you get a bunch of treats from neighbors, bring them to the office to share with co-workers. Are desserts available at the party? See if you can share with a friend. Take 1-2 bites and give the rest to your partner.

#10. Family & Friends. Remember: the holidays are really meant to get loved ones together! Enjoy your family & friends. You are with everyone to socialize and create new memories. Focus on the people and have an awesome holiday season.

Pick 1 or 2 tips to do to keep your goals in check. What tip are you going to focus on today? Comment below and let me know!

Happy Holidays!

Sarah Koszyk, MA, RDN

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