Spinach Dip

Labor Day is here already! I can’t believe how fast the summer flew by. School is starting once again and vacation time is coming to a close. Remember that Labor Day is meant to Relax and enjoy the last moments of tranquility before the fall and holiday season starts. Here are my favorite recipes for a fabulous, exquisite, and healthy Labor Day Menu. Many of these dishes you can prepare ahead so that on the actual day of your picnic, barbeque, or party, you can spend most of the time unwinding and hanging out with your loved ones.


Spinach Dip in a Bread Bowl: This dip is fat free and full of protein because it uses nonfat Greek Yogurt. Get protein and vegetables in one delectable dish. Get the Spinach Dip Recipe Video with Alphonso. He’s only 9 years old and he made the dip. You can make the dip the day before the party.



Hummus with Vegetables: Hummus is so easy to make in a food processor and can be made a few days before the party! Get the Hummus Recipe Video with Izzy (13 years old) & Char (11 years old). You can use any veggies to dip such as carrots, cucumber, celery, red or green bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, and more.









Gazpacho: Gazpacho is a chilled tomato soup that also has cucumbers. Tomatoes and cucumbers are in season right now. Making this soup is a great way to use them up. The best part about this soup is you don’t cook it! It’s made in a food processor and takes 7 minutes to make. This soup is supposed to be chilled overnight so make it the day before. Get the Gazpacho recipe.







Chinese Cabbage Salad: This salad is another staple of mine at parties and Everyone devours it! People who don’t even like cabbage Love this salad! It’s super easy and fast to make (about 10 minutes) so you can make it the day of the party. Get the Chinese Cabbage Salad recipe.








5-Bean Baked Chili: This chili has been a HIT with my family & friends since I started making it. Thank you, Cindy, for giving me the base of this recipe! I bring this recipe to almost every party and it gets eaten up so fast. Get the 5-Bean Baked Chili recipe. You can make this 2-3 days ahead of the party so that the flavors will blend together even better than the first night! This dish can be vegetarian, too!





Shish_Kabobs_Soy MarinadeMeat


Grilled Steak (for the meat-eaters): You can use the below marinade for steak or chicken, too. Get grilling tips & additional marinades.

Grilled Tofu & Vegetable Shish Kabobs: Here’s an amazing marinade for red & green bell peppers, red onion, tofu, and pineapple shish kabobs. Marinate them overnight and put them on a skewer the day of the party. Get the delicious marinade recipe.

Have an Amazing Labor Day! Enjoy the last moments of “freedom” with your loved ones! I will! I always enjoy the moments of Family. Food. Fiesta.

Buen Provecho!

Sarah Koszyk, MA, RDN