I had the wonderful experience of going to Livingston, Montana last week and being surrounded by nature, wilderness, and the great outdoors. The cabin was right on the river where we could walk down to the water’s edge, jump in, and go tubing. While being outside of California, my state full of Farmers Markets and fresh produce, I was still able to find delicious peppers and squashes at the local Farmer’s Market. For this reason, I’m paying homage this week to the Farmers Market and reminding people that you can find fresh produce near you that is affordable, in season, and luscious. Produce really does taste different when you know exactly where it comes from.

Here are resources on how to find a Farmer’s Market near you (in any state & city):

Local Harvest: Find a Farmers Market, CSA, Farms, Grocery Co-Ops and more near you. This is a great website with many produce resources.

USDA Farmers Market Search: Simply type in your zip code and this government database will tell you where and when the Farmers Markets are near you within a specific mile radius.

California Certified Farmers Markets: For those of you in California, this website will find any Farmers Market in the state by city or county.

Remember: when you buy your groceries from a Farmers Market, you are supporting local farmers and encouraging sustainable, seasonal resources. Another plus is that many farmers practice organic farming without actually being certified organic. Ask the Farmer at the market their farming practices and pay cheaper prices for “organic” products. Farmers Markets also tend to be more affordable than grocery stores because the farmer can sell you the product directly at a lower cost than selling through a store.

Have fun at your Farmers Market this weekend! Take the entire family with you. Try the samples. Have the kids pick out the produce (which will encourage them to eat it). And have a relaxing shopping experience outside.

When are you going to your Farmers Market? I’m going this Sunday!

Sarah Koszyk, MA, RDN