Sacramento is a Saucy Pizza City

Sacramento is creating delicious, cheesy noise as its pizza scene explodes with mouth-watering, sauce-dripping pizzas. We have eaten our way through the city tasting some of the best pizza in the nation.

Here are 6 of our favorite local spots where the slice is right, the atmosphere is friendly, and there is major sauce on the scene. Sacramento is a pizza haven and definitely worthy of a visit.

Giovanni’s Pizzeria: Old World New York

Watch a video of us visiting Giovanni’s Pizzeria: Giovanni’s Pizzeria

Giovanni’s Pizzeria: Old World New York

A true Mom & Pop kind of shop where you will find Giovanni himself making the pizzas and the sauce in the kitchen. His kids are also behind the scenes where his daughter has put some love into the pizza and even made a few of their featured recipes. He relocated to sunny Sacramento from New York and opened the pizza shop back in 2001. It’s a true New York Style Pizza from start to finish. The dough. The sauce. The love. It’s all there and it is drool-worthy. He even puts the sauce on top upon request. Enjoy classic New York style pizza or a Sicilian slice. They are all top notch and incredibly tasty.

Address: South Land Park 5924 South Land Park Drive, Sacramento

Address: Folsom Blvd 6200 Folsom Boulevard, Sacramento

Masullo Pizza

Watch a video of us visiting Masullo Pizza: Masullo Pizza

Masullo Pizza

Raised in Sacramento, Robert Masullo, opened the perfect pizza joint in his local neighborhood where he brings a sophisticated flare to his pizzas. The wood-fire oven perfectly chars and crisps the delicate crust and you can get tomato sauce or no sauce on your desired pizza. Masullo offers a variety of savory toppings to enhance the pizza experience using both unique and classic combinations. They even have a vegan pizza. A brilliant pizzeria to go to with the artisanal vibes and flavors.

Address: 2711 Riverside Boulevard, Sacramento

OneSpeed Pizza

Watch a video of us visiting OneSpeed Pizza: OneSpeed Pizza

OneSpeed Pizza

Rick Mahon, chef and owner, is an experienced restaurant-owner in Sacramento and has been around since 1996. He opened OneSpeed Pizza in 2009 and it has been thriving ever since. Their pizzas are made with organic ingredients and are locally sourced, as often as possible, supporting many local, organic farms. They even offer a gluten-free pizza dough. Enjoy a variety of classic toppings or go gourmet with his unique toppings that change seasonally and daily depending on the farm delivery. This is a pizza joint that will satisfy any pizza-lovers needs to perfection.

Address: 4818 Folsom Boulevard, Sacramento

Pizzasaurus Rex

Watch a video of us visiting Pizzasaurus Rex: Pizzasaurus Rex

Pizzasaurus Rex

You will be roaring with delight after devouring this pizza located in the heart of Midtown. Since January 2021, they have been going strong and even won the “Best New Restaurant” by December of 2021 per the Sacramento Bee. This pizza is extra special because of its crunchy, chewy, thick crust and generous mixture of sauce, cheese, and toppings. The slices are huge and filling. They also offer multiple sauces on the side for extra dipping love. Definitely a must-go place for your needed pizza fix.

Address: 2322 K Street, Sacramento

Pizza Supreme Being

Watch a video of us visiting Pizza Supreme Being: Pizza Supreme Being

Pizza Supreme Being

You know you’ve hit the right pizza spot when they note on their hours of operation that closing time is “if we sell out of pizza dough,” which does happen because their pizza is dee-licious. Ben Roberts knows how to make a classic pizza with a flavorful, sourdough thin crust, the tastiest sauce, and the right cheese blend. Since 2015, he has been rocking it, literally, (they are known as the punk rock pizzeria), and they are a staple in downtown Sacramento and the lines are long during peak hours. Their specialty is the Hawaiian pizza which includes pineapple, jalapenos, and SPAM, and it truly does rock. Get in line and get this pizza.

Address: 1425 14th Street, Suite C, Sacramento

Zelda’s Gourmet Pizza – photo credit: Zelda’s

Watch a video of us visiting Zelda’s Gourmet Pizza: Zelda’s Gourmet Pizza

Zelda’s Gourmet Pizza

Zelda Breslin opened this pizza joint back in 1978, and it is still producing some of the cheesiest, sauciest Chicago-style deep-dish pizzas on the West Coast. The pizza crust is off-the-charts fantastic and that sauce just screams heart-healthy love. Deep dish slices cannot be held by hand when hot out of the oven. You’ll need a fork and knife to enjoy the amazingness you will experience. Zelda’s also offers a thin, focaccia crust pizza that is to live for. The crust is seasoned with wonderful herbs and flavor that one will do a happy dance when eating it.

Address: 1415 21st Street, Sacramento

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By: Sarah Koszyk, MA, RDN, NBC-HWC

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