Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Especially for growing kids. Surprisingly, a lot of children go to school without eating breakfast. Part of this is lack of time and preparation. I have some easy solutions for you. Here are 5 Tips to Get Your Kids to Eat Breakfast daily.

1. Prep the day before: Help your kids pack their own on-the-go breakfast. Before they go to sleep, make it a habit for them to go to the kitchen and set aside breakfast options. For example, prep a smoothie, make Cran Apple Overnight Oats, or pack a granola bar with a small yogurt and a fruit. Here are 5 Grab-and-Go Back to School Breakfast Ideas.

 2. Grocery shopping: Take your kids grocery shopping with you and let them help you pick out what foods they want for breakfast. Give them two to three options to choose from. If they pick out what they will eat, they will be more inclined to wake up and eat breakfast.

3. Be a good role model: Are you guilty of not eating breakfast? If you’re not eating breakfast, chance is, your kid will not, either. Set the tone for your children and make sure to eat some breakfast.

4. Have breakfast together: Life is very busy and sometimes it’s tough finding time to have breakfast with your family. Make the time. Set your alarm and wake up 15 minutes earlier. Eating breakfast together can help your children connect breakfast with happy feelings. And by eating together, you start your own day off right, too.

5. Get your kids excited: Do you prepare breakfast for your little ones? When I was a kid my dad used to ask us we wanted to eat for breakfast for the week. He’d then make a calendar of what we’d be eating for breakfast that week using our suggestions. Try something similar by making a calendar or putting up a sign that says what’s on the menu for breakfast the next morning. This will make breakfast something to look forward to.

Eating breakfast is important to ensure your children are able to focus and perform better in school. Follow these 5 Tips to Get Your Kids to Eat Breakfast and start their day successfully strong.

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Liz Rodriguez, Dietetic Intern