Baked Potato

Potatoes are one of the most important food staples in the world (along with rice and wheat). Not only do potatoes nourish us and give us the energy we need, potatoes also offer us many amazing health benefits.

One of the most common potatoes in the United States is your classic Russet Potato. Russet potatoes are a good source of fiber, especially when you leave the skin on. Also, Russet Potatoes offer a good source of Vitamin B-6, iron, & phosphorous.

Vitamin B-6 helps regulate nerve function & blood sugars, and helps your immune system.

Iron is important for getting oxygen to your blood.

Phosphorous is fantastic for bone and teeth health.

Potatoes offer these vitamins & minerals and more!
So go get your spud on with these 5 delicious, low fat Stuffed Potato Recipes!

Basic Baked Potato Recipe:

Heat the oven to 400° Bake. Using a fork, poke holes throughout the potato. This will allow the water to get out when you are cooking the potato.


Wrap the medium potato in tin foil.


Bake in the oven for 50 minutes. The larger the potato, the longer the time needed to cook. Bake large potatoes for about 1 hour. Remove from the oven and add your toppings! So easy, delicious, & nutritious! I truly love my food staples.


#1. Spicy Power-Packed Potato: 1 Medium Baked Potato filled with ½ cup nonfat cottage cheese + ½ cup salsa. This is full of protein & veggies from the salsa! Easy & super low fat.

#2. Cheesy Spuds: 1 Medium Baked Potato filled with 1 Tbsp fat free sour cream + ¼ cup grated parmesan cheese + 1 slice Jarlsberg Lite cheese melted on top + 1 tsp minced chives + cayenne pepper to taste. I just love cheese!

#3. The Classic: 1 Medium Baked Potato filled with 2 Tbsp fat free sour cream + ¼ cup steamed chopped broccoli (you can use fresh or frozen broccoli) + garlic powder + salt + pepper to taste. Basic, simple, & tasty!

#4. The Mediterranean: 1 Medium Baked Potato filled with 1 oz crumbled feta cheese + 2 Tbsp chopped black olives + ¼ cup diced tomatoes + 1 Tbsp chopped mint + salt + pepper to taste. Great combo of protein, veggies, heart-healthy fats, and colors!

#5. Veggie Medley Delight: 1 Medium Baked Potato filled with ¼ cup nonfat cottage cheese + 1 cup chopped & sautéed green peppers, red peppers, yellow peppers, & onion mix + seasoned with cumin, salt, pepper, chili powder, red chili flakes, and garlic powder + chopped cilantro to garnish. A flavorful combo with all the beautiful colors.

So many wonderful ideas for the baked potato. What’s toppings are on yours?

By Sarah Koszyk, MA, RDN