I was so excited when Curious Chef sent me a 16-piece pack of cookie cutters. I’ve seen many people online making fun food for their families using cookie cutters and I wanted to join in. Since I’m an Ambassador for Kids Cook Monday and they partnered with Curious Chef, I got the goods in the mail. Check out 10 fun ways to use cookie cutters besides just making cookies. I seriously believe that when food looks pretty, it tastes better.


  1. Sandwiches – Yep, Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches taste delicious when they’re in shapes like stars. The best part of making the sandwiches is the chef gets to eat the crusts. More for me.
  2. Fruit – Slice a watermelon, cantaloupe, or melon and use the cookie cutters to make fun shapes. My heart beats for juicy watermelon.
  3. Eggs – Make a sunny-side up egg and use a cookie cutter to make a cool shape. We ate snowmen-shaped eggs for breakfast.
  4. Pancakes – Growing up, my Dad used to make us Mickey Mouse-shaped pancakes. They always tasted better than the regular circle kind. Here we made pumpkin-shaped pancakes and they were a delight, too.
  5. Avocado Toast – The stars are the limit and this avocado toast is amazing. We sprinkled black salt on it for a little extra flavor. You can also use the cookie cutters on any type of toast.
  6. French Fries – Slice a russet potato down the middle and make 1-inch thick slices. Use the cookie cutters to make the shapes. Here’s a French fry recipe. We enjoyed Bears, Ghosts, and Christmas Tree-shaped fries.
  7. Chips – Homemade chips are so easy to make. Here’s a recipe for Chips. Before putting the chips in the oven, use the cookie cutters to make the shapes like butterflies, ducks, and stars.
  8. Quesadillas – Quesadillas are an easy meal to make in minutes. Check out the pumpkin and bear quesadillas we made with some salsa on the side.
  9. Cheese – Use a cookie cutter to make cheese slices into a leaf, flower, or heart.
  10. Pizza Toppings – You’ll get extra lucky when eating an English muffin pizza with a clover-shaped ham topping. Watch the video on how 4-year old, Lilliana, makes her English muffin pizzas.

Get your fun food on by making shapes using cookie cutters. A little creativity here and there is simple to do and fabulously delicious.

Curious Chef provided me with the cookie cutters. All thoughts, opinions, and recipe creations are my own.

Sarah Koszyk, MA, RDN