With all the weather changes, cold, rainy, snowy, damp, we may not be able to go outside to play or run around. Here are some activities your children (and you) can do during the holiday season when we’re stuck in the house to keep them active and burn up that extra energy! You can also find this article at Macaroni Kids Fitness.

#1. Relay Race. Start a relay to see who can get the laundry out of the dryer or who can put their toys or clothes away the fastest. You can make a relay out of anything.

#2. Zoo-Mania. Have the kids act like animals by moving around and making noises. You can guess what animal they are imitating and make a game out of it.

#3. Commercial Break. Every commercial break, have your kids get up and move by doing wall push-ups, jumping jacks, jogging in place, or have them pick out an activity of choice.

#4. Jump Rope. Is there an area big enough in your house or garage for the kids to jump rope? If so, they can skip around. Also, they can try Chinese jump rope where you need less space. Three people are needed for this game.

#5. Ice Skating. Yes! Ice skating in your house! Put paper towels/rags on the kids’ feet and have them mop/clean the floors or bath tub. They can glide around while cleaning.

#6. X-Box or Wii. Just Dance and many other movement-type video games are available. The entire family can have contests between one another or just play for fun.

#7. Dance Party. If you don’t have a video game program, just put music on and start to dance around the house. Anyone can bust a move to a tune.

#8. Camping. Get a couple of chairs, blankets, and pillows and have the kids build a fort/tent and go camping right in the living room. They’ll invent a lot of make-believe games with this one.

#9. Dress Up. Let the kids dress up in mom or dad’s clothes, old purses, belts, hats, gloves, ties, etc. The kids can play around with their new make-believe characters.

#10. Hide-N-Go-Seek or Sardines. Hide-n-go-seek is a classic indoor game to play. You can enhance it by turning it into sardines where 1 person hides and everyone searches to find that person by joining him/her in the hiding spot. Now all the people are crammed in like sardines. The last person to find everyone is the new hider.

Use these activity tips this holiday season when stuck in your home to keep you and your family active and entertained. Have a wonderful holiday season!

PS: I’ll be taking the holiday week off from blogging so I hope you all have a wonderful season and I’ll be back in action on Monday, December 31st, to march in the New Year! Happy Holidays!!!

By Sarah Koszyk, MA, RDN