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Registered Dietitian
& Sports Nutritionist

Founder, Formulator, and Creator of the cult supplement, Superstar, by MIJA Redefining wellness from within

​San Francisco Registered Dietitian specializing in Sports Nutrition and Weight Management. Your Go-To Bay Area Nutritionist

International Author & Spokesperson

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Helping Hundreds
of People Reach

their Health & Wellness Goals By Building a Better Relationship With Food.

San Francisco Dietitian & Bay Area Nutritionist Specializing in Sports Nutrition, Weight Management, Digestive Health, & Anti-Aging

Accepting clients Nationwide & International with a 100% Virtual Coaching Program

Work With Sarah

Claire A.

Sarah has guided and supported me away from the toxic dieting/guilt binging realm and into the magical world of balance and nutrition. If you are tired of feeling yucky about your body, energy, and eating habits, and want to make a long-term solution, then work with Sarah.

Rachael F.

At some point- you have to take responsibility for the foods you eat, the things you buy, and the effort you put into getting the body you want. I worked with Sarah K. and she helped me to assess my goals and gave me every tool I needed to reach them.

Denise R.

I lost thirty-two pounds with Sarah and I am a true size six without undergarment tricks!

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