Cooking with Love and Loving to Eat.

I’m on a Mission to provide both adults and youth with delicious and nutritious recipes and tips to optimize performance and fuel health.

My name is Sarah Koszyk, MA, RDN, and I’m a registered dietitian, sports nutritionist, and San Franciscan-based foodie.

Sarah Koszyk, registered dietitian
My Vision is to help people:

Understand how to prepare well-balanced meals.
Know how to buy local and seasonal products to save money.
Experience fresh, delicious recipes and flavors.
Learn how to cook simple and quick dishes.
Identify how to fuel your body to optimize your sports performance and recovery.
Empower people to reach their health, fitness, and wellness goals.

When I started nutrition coaching, most of my clients didn’t know:

How to cook
How to plan a meal
What to buy at the grocery store
What superfoods foods give you the most bang for your nutrition buck
What to feed children so they stay strong and nourished
What are proper portion sizes
How to prevent bonking during activity
How to not over-fuel and over-eat when working out
How to snack appropriately
How to not obsess about food or weight
How to simplify one’s life and have time to enjoy it!

What I discovered is that when we work together, clients learn they can make mini-changes to maximize their sports performance and nutritional health. Through my unique coaching style, I’ve helped hundreds of adults and youth reach their health, weight, and sports nutrition goals.

Sarah Koszyk, registered dietitian
Growing up in Hawaii, I had the luxury of being surrounded by fresh produce daily. In my backyard, we had an avocado tree, kumquat tree, papaya tree, mango tree, and banana plant. We also had the opportunity to go fishing often for the “catch-of-the-day” seafood. Having all this fresh food at our fingertips taught me how to appreciate the quality of it while also experiencing eating whole foods straight from the source.

Days in Hawaii were spent mostly outside, swimming or bodyboarding in the ocean or hiking and running in the mountains. Sports became a regular way of life.

Thus began my passion for food and sports.

Sarah Koszyk, registered dietitian
Fast forward and my passion turned into a career where I combined both my love of nutrition and fitness to become a registered dietitian, sports nutritionist.

As a registered dietitian and nutrition coach, my goal is to inspire you to experience scrumptious food that will rock your healthy world, work with your waistline, bring energy to your day, and improve your activity.

Sarah Koszyk, registered dietitian
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Sarah Koszyk, MA, RDN

“What to eat, when to eat, how to eat — I’ve struggled with this as I get very busy during the day, skipping meals, grabbing a not-so-healthy snack in a pinch. Sarah helped me get through it without the nonsense of fad dieting. Sarah really listens and talks through my time challenges to come up with workable solutions. She’s friendly, sympathetic, and genuinely cares about getting you through your hurdles. She’s also honest, down-to-earth and doesn’t just throw information at you. We’ve gone through not only what to eat, but also strategies on how to tackle my schedule. She gives you real examples applicable to your life and schedule of how to apply the strategies throughout the day. I’ve been seeing results and highly recommend Sarah to anyone looking for a true change in their eating habits and lifestyle.” Andrea C.


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