Tommy’s Secret Tips For The Kitchen To Make Life Easier

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  • By Sarah Koszyk, MA, RDN on
  • July 20th, 2015

My husband, Tomas (or Tommy as his friends call him), has these random tips that he gives me in the kitchen which have made my life easier. He’s always looking for little breaks or ways to optimize one’s time and efficiency, so I thought I’d write a blog post. I have to give him credit for helping me out with his wealth of knowledge and entertaining me along the way.

Here are 5 of Tommy’s secret tips for the kitchen to make life easier.

Tip #1:
Chewing Gum while Cutting Onions Keeps the Tears Away

I haven’t looked up any science behind this tip. I haven’t done any research to see why it works. If you have any research or science, please feel free to share in the comments below. All I know is that when I chew gum while cutting onions, I don’t cry. I’m a huge tear-jerker when the onions come out and my mascara runs down my face like from a horror movie. However, since Tomas told me about this trick, I’m tear-free and my face is streak-free.

Tip #2: How to Open a Can of Tomato Paste & Get Out All the Paste

This is a fantastic tip. You just need a can opener to open the can of tomato paste and you can forget about grabbing a spatula and trying to scrape every last morsel out of the can.

Simply open up both sides of the can using a can opener and leave one of the lids in the can.

Next, start to push that side of the can down with the lid so the tomato paste just slides right out of the can.

Viola! You have a clean, empty can with no need for scraping and less clean-up.

Tip #3: Cleaning Burnt Coffee from a Glass Coffee Pot

Don’t you hate it when the coffee burns the bottom of your glass coffee pot? Have no fear – a solution is here! Simple fill the coffee pot full of crushed ice. Grabbing the handle, swirl it around and you’ll get rid of the burnt coffee at the bottom of the glass pot. I love these time-saving cleaning tips.

Tip #4: How to Open a Jar when it’s Stuck

I have the worst grip when it comes to opening jars. In fact, sometimes when I’ve had no one around to help me open a stuck jar, I’m had to change the recipe I was going to make. One time I even wanted to throw the jar at a wall but that wouldn’t have done any good except cause more mess for me to clean. Tomas recommends opening a jar by hitting the side of the lid with a knife which helps to adjust the pressure inside and loosen up the lid.

*I also have found the best product ever to open a jar:

I never think twice about opening a jar, now. Talk about easy, carefree living. One of the best purchases I ever made for less than $6.

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Tip #5: Spreading Butter without using a Knife

If at a restaurant where they serve you those little pats of single-serving butter, simply open the wrapper, flip over the butter, and spread it directly onto the bread or food. If you’re at home eating corn on the cob, you can simply roll the corn over the butter stick to cover it with love. Remember: it’s all about portion control with butter and delicious food.

Hope you enjoy these tips as much as I do. Thank you Tomas (Tommy) for always enlightening me, helping out around the house, and posing your hands for my photos.

Do you have any fun kitchen tips you’d like to share? If so, write them in the comments below.
Sarah Koszyk, MA RDN


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