Dips & Tips For A Healthy & Flavorful Super Bowl Sunday

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  • By Sarah Koszyk, MA, RDN on
  • January 28th, 2013



Super bowl Sunday is this weekend! My family is super excited because we’re huge 49er Fans (living in San Francisco pretty much sets the stage for our choice in teams). These game days can be wicked for our waistline when it comes to potential calories consumed. With all the beer, the alcohol, the sodas, the dips, the chips, and the other snack food that’s there, those calories can add up quickly! Like over 3,000 calories consumed in 1 football game! Here are some tips to keep the calories down and some healthy, flavorful dips & dishes to bring to your Super bowl Fiesta.

• Bring a veggie platter with a hummus dip or a homemade Ranch dip. This way you know you get your veggies in.

• Get the Hummus Recipe.

• Get the Homemade Ranch Dip Recipe.

• Want a creamy Spinach Dip? Look no further for a super healthy and super delicious Spinach Dip Recipe.

• Looking for a fabulous Chili to bring to the game? Here is a savory, fast chili recipe that’s a HIT at all my parties!

• When it comes to eating, sit as far away as possible from the food so you don’t mindlessly munch and nibble throughout the game.

• Instead of eating out of the chip or dip bowls, fill up 1 plate with your appetizers. Next, walk away from the food. This way you know exactly how much you eat and its portion controlled.

• When drinking booze, chase each drink with a glass of water or sparkling water. This way you slow down on how many drinks you consume.

• Go to the party with a drink plan and stick to it! By having a specific number of drinks, you’ll set yourself up for success and not over do it by consuming too many empty calories.

• Remember: the main goal of the Super Bowl Party is to have fun and root for your team! So GO 49ers and let’s enjoy the time we spend with our family & friends!


By Sarah Koszyk, MA, RDN

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3 responses to “Dips & Tips For A Healthy & Flavorful Super Bowl Sunday”

  1. Phil says:

    The vegetable and dip layout looked so good that I vowed to myself to have some during the game (and maybe a slice of pizza too). Thanks for reminding us that we don’t need to over-consume to enjoy. Go niners!!

  2. Josue says:

    They have some super good stuff, don’t they?! I got a bunch when a friend had a party, and we seem to be rellay slow to use them up. Hoping to, a bit over Christmas. Especially the bacony dip 🙂 Om nom nom.Have you been feeling a bit more in the holiday spirit yet? I’m much the same way myself. Too much has been going on lately, one of them quite sad…so it’s hard. Last year wasn’t much of one either, but the reason for it is quite a bit better this year. Just the new sad.Anyhow, I hope that you find your Christmas sparkles, and have a good holiday back at home *hug*

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