Food Adventures

Peruvian Cooking Experience At Sky Kitchen

The best way to delve into a culture is experiencing its cuisine. Food can tell a lot about the region of the people

Peruvian Cuisine Adventures: From Farmer’s Markets to Gourmet Restaurants

I recently had the opportunity to go to Peru on a culinary adventure! My Peruvian trip was full of local cooking cuisines, fancy

Causa – Peruvian Mashed Potatoes with Chicken and Avocado

5.0 from 1 reviews Causa – Peruvian Mashed Potatoes with Chicken and Avocado   Print Prep time 25 mins Cook time 35 mins

JLO Donation Foundation: Turning Bake Sales Into NonProfits

I was walking down the street coming home from the Farmer’s Market and I came upon 3 beautiful young ladies selling smoothies and

Farmers Market Adventures And How To Find Them

I had the wonderful experience of going to Livingston, Montana last week and being surrounded by nature, wilderness, and the great outdoors. The

Communal Sitting: Bringing Home The Idea Of Family. Food. Fiesta.

More and more I’ve been seeing restaurants in San Francisco pop up the “communal sitting” trend. Communal sitting is where there’s a big

How to Have the Best 4th Of July Block Party

Happy 4th of July! This is one of my favorite family holidays celebrated with my husband’s side. His entire family gets together for

Cauliflower Craze

Cauliflower has been the talk of the town from celebrity chefs such as Rachel Ray and Jamie Oliver to companies such as Kraft

5 Tips To Pick The Best Produce When Grocery Shopping

Hanging out with my mom over Thanksgiving weekend was a lot of fun. We went grocery shopping together. She taught me a couple

5 Steps To Truly Live Green

Many studies have looked at the impact a green environment may have on our physical and emotional health. The terminology “green” here actually

Stop Eating Around The Bush

Eat your colors! Your colors matter in regards to your food intake. The more colors we eat from fruits and vegetables, the better

Welcome To Family. Food. Fiesta.

Who I am: I’m a Registered Dietitian who coaches adults, children, and entire families at a private practice in downtown San Francisco. My

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